Increase sales performance by connecting corporate strategy to sales execution

In a dynamic sales environment, you need visibility and accuracy to make the right decisions, and the flexibility to modify them. Anaplan gives you solutions that increase productivity and drive sales outcomes. Motivate the right sales behaviors, model future performance, and maximize selling time—all while keeping your team nimble and prepared for the future.

Sales Planning

Increase productivity with intelligent planning throughout the sales cycle.

Getting your quota planning, account segmentation, and sales capacity correct can be the difference between success and failure.

The Anaplan platform provides advanced sales planning capabilities to advance your sales goals, including accurate territory and capacity management, optimized quota setting, and sales incentives maximized for efficiency. Identify attrition risks ahead of time and adjust plans accordingly.

Anaplan’s cloud-based platform elevates sales planning with increased speed, improved accuracy, and reduced administrative burden.


Sales Incentives

Align sales behaviors with leadership goals.

Sales incentives should motivate behaviors that produce the results you want.

The Anaplan platform provides granular, actionable visibility to everyone in your organization, maximizing sales performance and increasing seller motivation. Automated calculations shorten computation times from weeks to hours, ensuring that incentives get paid on time. Flexible modeling capabilities let you rapidly adapt your incentive plans to changing market conditions.

Reward the best talent and drive sales results.


Sales Insights

Deliver accurate, trusted sales intelligence.

Sales insights drive decision-making throughout the organization. Pipeline optimizations, pricing and discounting, sales forecasting—doing these correctly requires data that is organized and actionable.

The Anaplan platform enables data-driven “what-if” analysis, even in organizations with complex sales hierarchies. Predictive forecasting helps you sense changes in direction and pivot in advance. Integrated, four-quarter views facilitate an optimized approach to pipeline management.