Connect Your Global Supply Chain Network for Maximum Visibility, Efficiency, and Collaboration

In a constantly changing market, supply chain professionals need to reduce risk, lower cost, and increase efficiency. Anaplan brings together supply planning, demand management, and S&OP into one platform to enable real-time decision-making across the value chain. With its power to connect plans within the supply chain and across the extended network, as well as into finance and sales, Anaplan can greatly improve visibility and collaboration across your business.


Product Portfolio Management

In a world with shifting markets and interconnected product lines, you need a real-time, agile view of your product portfolio. The Anaplan platform makes it easy for planners to manage product lifecycles, including the effects of new product introductions, product end-of-life, attach rates, and cannibalization.

Anaplan’s cloud-based platform enables enterprises to effectively optimize their product mix and reach their goals of maximized profitability across product lines and increased market share.


Demand Planning

Sense, shape, and orchestrate demand with a holistic view of data and trends.

The Anaplan platform gathers cross-functional data so planners can build forecasts for new product launches, manage discontinuance planning based on performance and revenue, and adjust forecasts based on exceptions.

With a consensus demand plan, businesses can avoid surprises and quickly adjust for trade promotions, disruptions like natural disasters and labor issues, and other demand variations.


Supply Planning

Control supply with real-time visibility and accurate forecasting.

When your supply network is transparent and connected, the right product is in the right place at the right time. The Anaplan platform offers visibility across suppliers, distributors, and production facilities so that supply planners can place accurate orders, manage by exception, avoid shortages, and run “what-if” scenarios to prepare for unforeseen changes.

Additionally, Anaplan’s cloud-based platform enables vital supply chain connections outside of your four walls, bridging gaps with manufacturers, suppliers, and distributors.


Sales and Operations Planning

Consolidate data from across the business to make better-informed operational decisions that impact the bottom line.

The Anaplan platform lets you connect planning and business strategy across sales, product innovation, finance, and trade partners. You can easily adjust operational plans, test scenarios, and recalibrate planning models to sync with fluctuating business situations.

Furthermore, the ability to run “what-if” scenarios in real-time helps make your supply and demand planning more accurate and drive efficiency across the business.


Strategic Policy Management

Build the right backbone for a globally-connected supply chain

The modern supply chain needs the right foundation to succeed. The Anaplan platform’s strategic policy management capabilities empower businesses to create policies and drivers for a diverse group of customers and products.

With a connected approach to inventory optimization, network optimization, and product and customer segmentation, you can put intelligent KPIs, rules, and policies in place to support the supply chain planning process.