NPrinting 16 Support Update

Support extended until March 31 2020

Qlik have listened to customer feedback and taken action, extending support of the popular NPrinting 16 from the planned March 31 2019 to March 31 2020. This is designed to give NPrinting 16 customers the opportunity to migrate, as the remaining gap features continue to be added to Nprinting version 18.

These include:

  •          On-Demand for Qlik Sense
  •          Advanced search filters
  •          Task notifications
  •          Variable filters
  •          Select excluded filters
  •          Variables in email subject line and body

In addition there is a migration tool in the works which will help transfer reports, connections, filters and tasks from NPrinting 16 to the latest version.

Whilst this is happening if you are thinking about moving from NPrinting 16 to 18, or don’t know which version is going to be right for you, we can assess your specific use case and advise you, please get in touch.

We are happy that Qlik are responding to customer feedback in this way and think it is a great outcome for those customers still benefiting from NPrinting 16.

Read the official Executive Letter from Qlik or the NPrinting Extended Support 16 FAQ for more info.