Qlik Acquires CrunchBot and Crunch Data

Qlik acquires CrunchBot and Crunch Data

Natural language AI bot CrunchBot has been acquired by Qlik. The bot enables users to ask questions of their data in a conversational manner in Qlik Sense or on popular communication platforms like Skype. Alongside that product, Qlik have also acquired the AI experts at Crunch Data. It is fantastic that Qlik continue to invest in powerful new technologies, enhancing the ability of employees to (in this case, quite literally) converse with data. Their continued focus on the power of AI and data literacy is exciting, keeping Qlik on the bleeding edge of visual analytics. You can find the media take on the acquisition here.

What does it mean for me?

CrunchBot is available today as a value-added solution to Qlik Sense. Read more about that here. Like previous acquisitions, CrunchBot will be incorporated into the core Qlik Sense product, in this case enhancing the existing insight advisor functionality. Previous acquisition, Podium Data, has undergone a similar process and is available as Qlik Data Catalyst, which accelerates the delivery of trustworthy, actionable data.

For more information on CrunchBot contact info@qlickit.co.uk