Qlik Data Revolution Tour 2018

Proud sponsors of this fantastic event, themed around leading with data.

We were lucky enough to attend the London round of the 2018 Qlik Data Revolution Tour. The future direction of the Qlik platform is certainly exciting! There is huge focus on how Qlik enables us all to capitalise on the market shifts and opportunities that digital transformation has brought about.

 Qlik Core Bicycle at the Data Revolution Tour 

 (Above) Qlik Core working off a raspberry PI. Measuring miles ridden and converting that into funds for a good cause (and, of course, Bryony never missing a chance to go the extra mile)!


The biggest question is ultimately – how can your data help you to deliver a better experience for the people who use your services?

Whether it is a customer, patient or citizen, we all want to do more to enhance their experiences but, unless you are extremely lucky, you are not going to have an unlimited budget to do that. You need other ways to innovate and exceed the expectations of those people.

Maximising the value of the data in your organisation is the best way to identify where those opportunities lie and how to smartly implement them. It is an exciting time to be a Qlik partner, when the Qlik solution is so uniquely positioned to fully close the gap between how you currently use your data and how you COULD use it to drive customer value across your organisation.

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