Reload Log File Dates and Times - Qlikview

Reload Log File Dates and Times - Qlikview November 2018 onwards.

Please see the following notice from Qlik re the stamping and naming of log files with Dates and Times.

The effect of this many of you will not notice until you start looking at your logs and start thinking that your jobs have started an hour earlier. Please be aware that this is an intended behaviour from Qlik. They have stopped recording the times based on the server time, which will take into account Summer Time changes and now only record the actual UTC time (Co-ordinated Universal time) which is GMT regardless of summer time. In winter we will have the correct time and in summer it will be one hour behind the actual time in the UK. Anyone outside of UTC+00:00 will be completely different.

Qlik Sense has always used UTC time for the time in the log files and therefore there is no change but you may have wondered why it was always an hour out in summer, this is why.

Note this does not affect the actual time that it runs just the time shown in the log. A job scheduled to run at 2pm will run at 2pm (14:00) but the log file will show 1pm (13:00) in summer 2pm(14:00) in winter.