Command Centre

The Integrated Physical Hub for Service Capacity

 Command Centre is a collaboration between University Hospitals of Morecambe Bay NHS Foundation Trust (UHMBT) and QlickiT that has boosted triage and discharge times.

It consists of 5 live-view wall-mounted touchscreens being fed live with Ambulance, ED in, ED out, Live Bed State and IP out data; all interactive and drillable patient level. It enables rapid analysis for flow coordinators making on-the-ground decisions throughout the day.


“The analytics are designed to be really intuitive. The clinicians have the ability within any of the analytical objects to drill down to a patient record level, which is a really important requirement.”
Rob O’Neill, Head of Information at UHMBT and Command Centre lead


The ability to see everything in one place; from ambulances enroute to the hospital, to individual patients being discharged, enables clinicians to identify problems before they have happened. Already the percentage of patients being cared for on non-medical wards, due to capacity pressures, has been reduced from 8% to 2%.


"95% of patients now triaged within 15 minutes of arrival at ED (up from 67%)" 



"Proportion of patients discharged by midday has grown from 16% to 19%." 


Command Centre is available as a subscription
service which includes bespoke tailoring to your
local KPI’s, continual user-driven improvement,
training and implementation.