GDPR and Qlik – This Qlik Sense application shows some example use cases of how Qlik could be leveraged to assist with complying to the General Data Protection Regulation. Using the power of Qlik’s unique Associative engine you will be able to audit the personal data across systems, and manage according to defined data protection polices to aid GDPR compliance from analyzing opt-in information to fulfilling GDPR requests from customers.

Monitor and audit the usage of the Qlik apps that are available within the Qlik estate. Building on Qlik’s strong governance capabilities it is possible to audit the usage of your sensitive data, who has permissions and who has recently accessed what in Qlik apps, what data has been exported by whom and when as well as report on the data linage and access controls within the apps themselves.

Explore the following sheets to see more details;

- Qlik environment overview (Access & Usage) - Tip: Which applications are the most used by type of interactions? (Opening, Closing, Exporting and Selecting content);

- Export Audit (Detailed) - Tip: try selecting “Jump to Sensitive Exports” > Select a date from “Audit Timestamp” > Select “Previous 5 Minutes” to see detailed activity prior to export

- Qlik App Data Sources Overview - Tip: Try selecting “Finx” from the “Stream Name” filter pane and “FinX CRM Analytics” from “Lineage Document Name” filter pane, see who has recently accessed by selecting “Application Username (Audit)”

Note: All personal data used in this demo app is fake.


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