Improve patient care and save money through enhanced insight

“Being able to easily access information relating to efficiency & productivity, in such a user-friendly way, has allowed us to identify key areas of service improvement and monitor our progress against these.”

Theatre Manager
Leeds Teaching Hospitals NHS Trust
Case Study


Combine every source of patient and back office data and maximise the power of the information in your health organisation. Qlik connects all your data sources together, then reports them live in interactive, drillable dashboards.

"Qlik lets our clinicians and managers understand their areas of responsibility so as to improve patient care, improve efficiency and reduce costs"

Ruth Holland
Deputy CIO and Head of Informatin and Health Records
Imperial College Healthcare NHS Trust
Case Study


Key Benefits

  • Save time - by having reports produced with no manual input
  • Reduce spend – by providing procurement with insight
  • Create trust in reports - by instantly highlighting data quality issues
  • Improve waiting times – by truly understanding inpatient data
  • Perform more surgeries - by highlighting the causes of late starts
  • Effectively manage budgets – by giving all budget holders a single version of the truth