Harness the power of incremental improvement

“Qlik has enabled us to track the performance of our business in a way that previously we hadn’t thought possible."


Consolidate, access and analyse every source of data from across your organisation simultaneously.

Qlik connects to any data source with ease and produces live, interactive and drillable dashboards that help you understand and improve every stage of the manufacturing process. 

Key Benefits

  • Unparalleled insight into the manufacturing process
  • Have a single version of the truth for all departments and all users
  • Consolidate all production data for rapid, easy analysis
  • Easily trace a finished product through each part of the process
  • Automatically produce financial reports
  • Benefit from an all-encompassing balanced scorecard
  • Automatic notifications of key issues
  • Better manage demand by thoroughly understanding sales data

"Qlik reports cover every area of our business,from finance to inventories to work orders to  information that is not part of the ERP system"

Nigel Tasker
Head of IS Change Management
Trillium Flow Services
Case Study