Expert insight into your whole Qlik deployment

"Imparting well over 10 years of Qlik experience"

Our Qlik Healthcheck is designed to give you a top-to-bottom understanding of your Qlik deployment.

It covers everything from hardware and security to how successful your installation has been at engaging users.

  • Optimise your Qlik hardware environment
  • Enhance the cultural impact of your Qlik applications
  • Benefit from fresh, unbiased and expert eyes
  • Streamline your app development process
  • Remove scripting inefficiencies
  • Get even more value from your existing Qlik investment
  • Learn to structure your data model more effectively
  • Discover new use cases
  • Reassurance of what has been well implemented
  • Reinvigorate your Qlik deployment with the help of the Qlik experts

Holistic assessments of systems & performance, application deployment, application development and adoption & integration