How can analytics help patients be operated on faster?

Leeds Teaching Hospital has transformed theatre utilisation by having a complete analytical view.

By connecting all their theatre data sources (including theatre management systems), Leeds Teaching Hospital can now interrogate their data to help them manage theatres more effectively and enable consultants to better understand their own performance.

This has resulted in lower waiting times, more procedures per session and a reduction in late starts and early finishes.

TheatrePro is a solution that aids theatre utilisation optimisation through enhanced data analytics.

By utilising data held across the trust (theatre management systems, HR, …) TheatrePro helps theatre managers to completely understand the big picture around theatre utilisation.

They can then use this information to increase utilisation, for example, by identifying procedures which are consistently overrunning and understanding why.

“Theatre pro has enabled us to access and produce data relating to our Theatres, in a way that has never been possible previously.”

Theatre Manager
Leeds Teaching Hospitals NHS Trust
Case Study

  • Reduce late starts

  • Reduce early finishes

  • Increase number of sessions

  • Reduce cancellations

  • Improve individual performance

  • Improve daily utilisation tactics

  • Improve scheduling and activity planning